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Winter arrives with light rain; sunny skies for Christmas
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Rick Beck of Beck’s Holiday Specialties on Union Road near Louise Avenue in Manteca hauls in one of his remaining Christmas trees. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

The first day of winter Monday coincided with the last day of business for the season at Beck’s Holiday Specialties.

“Earlier, it didn’t feel like winter,” said owner Rick Beck, who was working at clearing out his Christmas tree lot located at Union Road near Louise Avenue that afternoon as the overcast skies turned to rain. “It does now.”

For 11 years, he’s been at the familiar location in Manteca.

Beck opened the season on the day after Thanksgiving, selling Christmas trees for the past several weeks to returning and new customers.

Some of what remained of his stock was donated to a local church.

The sporadic light rain Monday is being followed today through at least Christmas with sunny skies with some clouds and early morning fog.

Meanwhile, Jeff Vasconcellos and his brother, George Michael Vasconcellos, enjoyed a rather nice stroll earlier that afternoon through downtown Manteca, especially with temperatures in the mid 40s and prior to the steady rain fall.

They were en route to the Manteca Branch Library to meet with Rep. Jerry McNerney for the scheduled “Congress at Your Corner” session.

Jeff Vasconcellos, who is employed at Defense Depot in Tracy, was looking forward to thanking the Pleasanton Democrat for his efforts on opening the Veterans Hospital in French Camp.

He enjoys walking.

Vasconcellos often goes 15 minutes a day on foot and, on some days, will tally about 90 minutes on his favorite form of exercise.
He was also aware of this day being the winter solstice.

This occurs when the top half of Earth is tilted away from the sun at its most extreme angle of the year, making it the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

“We had nice weather today for the exception of some sprinkles,” Vasconcellos said. “I like to call it a nice walk to freedom.”