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Wireless water meters up next in Ripon
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The Water Meter Implementation Program in Ripon is two-fold.
One part of it is the installation of the meters by GM Construction, which was awarded the $1.9 million project last September.
At the time, 2,009 single-family residential homes were without water meters.
“This project is nearly completed, all meters have been installed and only minor restoration and punch list items remain,” said James Pease, Engineering Supervisor for the City of Ripon.
The other part of the program is that of the wireless transmitter to provide accurate water usage data while eliminating manual reading.
At tonight’s City Council meeting, he’ll recommend $400,730 to GM Construction for installing the wireless transmitters from National Meter and Automation, Inc.
Pease, in his staff report scheduled for the 6 p.m. open session in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave., indicated that 2,757 metered water customers – 2,385 single family residents and 372 combined multifamily, commercial, industrial, church and school facilities – are without the wireless transmitters.
 With the installation of the wireless transmitters, it’s anticipated that additional work will be necessary due to the unknown conditions of the existing meters, boxes, lids, valves, etc., he noted. In which case, a change order of another $108,908 will be necessary for replacing 500 lids on as-needed basis. The Public Works Department will take on this job over a period of the next two years.
All told, the $509,638 will be paid via the water enterprise capital fund.
Elected leaders will also discuss:
uRiver Road intersection and Sidewalk Improvement Project, approving the general services agreement with Basecamp Environmental, Inc. (not to exceed $4.500 in cost) and give their OK on the resolution consenting to the functional classification change of River Road.
uProposals by Peterson, Brustad Inc. and JB Anderson Land Use Planning, approving to implement the requirement of Senate Bill 5 (200 Year Flood Protection) while directing staff to process the appropriate documents to execute contracts.
uAn update by Recreation Director Kye Stevens on the Police Activities League Grants, in particular, how the money is being distributed within the community.
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