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Woman calls police saying boyfriend wont allow her to leave motel room
odom 1096
Coy Lynn Odom, 27, of Manteca, is led to a waiting patrol car from a motel room on Moffat Boulevard by officers Kirk Doty, Armen Avakian and Richard Smigelski. Odom had two $100,000 warrants for his arrest out of Stockton, police said. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin
Manteca Police officers responded to a woman’s call for help Monday morning saying she was in a motel room on Moffat Boulevard – having difficulty breathing – and that her boyfriend wouldn’t allow her to leave.

Officers knocked on the front door while another two patrolmen placed themselves by a rear window to the room.  Police said Coy Lynn Odom attempted to exit the window until he saw the two officers waiting for him.

Fire and ambulance medics staged a block away waiting for police to clear the scene.  However, it was determined by officers that the woman had not incurred any injuries and they were released.

Odom had two outstanding felony warrants for $100,000 each, police said.

Those charges included commercial burglary to which he had pled guilty, committing a felony while released on bail, taking a vehicle without consent that he had also entered a guilty plea along with numerous other charges.

He is due to appear, today, April 27, in Department Z of the Stockton Courthouse branch of the San Joaquin County Superior Court at 1:30 p.m.