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Woman suffers broken arm in four-car chain reaction crash on Fremont Street
A Manteca fireman carries two shaken toddlers to a waiting ambulance as the woman driver is loaded into the back of the vehicle. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Sabrina Marie Ramos, 27, appeared to have suffered a broken left forearm in a four vehicle rear-end crash in the 100 block of North Fremont on Saturday about 12:30 p.m.

Other cars had stopped for the red signal light at Yosemite Avenue when the Ramos vehicle reportedly crashed into the rear of the last vehicle knocking it into a 2004 Toyota pickup truck, that crashed into a 2005 Sentra that then struck a late model Acura.

While one fireman was putting a splint on the driver’s arm, two others were checking out the three children that had been shaken up in the crash – two toddlers and a girl who was a preteen.

One other motorist complained of back pain, however the remaining drivers and their passengers were apparently unhurt. The southbound side of the 100 block of Fremont Avenue remained closed for about half an hour.

The woman and the children were transported to Kaiser Hospital.