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Zuber wants to cut back on council meetings
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The Ripon City Council meets twice monthly.

But there’s a chance that could change. Mayor Leo Zuber suggested Tuesday the possibility of a once-a-month schedule.

“We could try it on a trial basis,” he said. “This way we can better mobilize our staff.”

Council meets regularly on the first and third Tuesday of each month. During this time, elected leaders conduct the business of making and amending laws, developing policies and handle decisions that affect the community.

Zuber researched the City Council meeting schedule during the past year, discovering that only five meetings went two hours or more.

Most of the public sessions last about an hour.

“There were four that went two to three hours and three (meetings) that exceeded three hours,” he said at the conclusion of the meeting that went about half hour but was preceded by a workshop on water regulations.

Zuber believes that streamlining the meetings to a monthly schedule could be enough to take care of the usual business while making better use of staff time.

“We would still have the special meetings – that won’t change,” he said.

Council will continue to look into Zuber’s proposal.