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Boys & girls should shower separately
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am a mother of two girls and I am sickened to think there could be such a law passed by the California Assembly that would allow transgender boys to use female facilities including the bathroom, locker room, showers, or participate in female sports. 

Even more appalling is the letter from Karen Pearsall ridiculing Frank Aquila for bringing this information to the public eye.  This is not about equality.  It is about craziness.  A transgender boy has the right and equal opportunity to use all the male facilities and male sports even if he identifies himself as a girl.  That is his gender.  Just because he feels he is a female does not give him the right to be with females. 

Karen Pearsall is also over the top to suggest that transgenders are the same as those who are disabled with the “needs or comfort of the many outweigh the right of the few.”  Those with disabilities are completely different.  Karen Pearsall suggested “that a transgender boy who identified as a girl would be reluctant to flaunt a penis when trying to live an authentic life as a girl.”  First, it is not authentic.  Second, he would still have his right, under this law, to flaunt his penis in front of my teen-age daughters.  Third, he would be able to watch my daughters change and shower at school if this law were signed and approved.  This is very sickening and troubling.  I would also state that Karen Pearsall is wrong to suggest that the only way for a group of boys or a boy to get to this position would be for him to dress like a girl and try out for the girls sport.  This is not true.  There isn’t a requirement to be in sports for the transgender boy to use the female facilities. 

Karen Pearsall, this is not about empathy and compassion.  This is about common sense.  Girls and boys should shower separately and be in separate facilities for common sense reasons.  Those Democrats that voted to put our children in such sexual compromising positions should be ashamed of themselves.


— Amy Sullivan


May 19, 2013