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1st Amendment & humorous coffee time
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was delighted and entertained by how local education activist Leo Bennett-Cauchon crafted his letter in support of his view of democracy. I was also reminded of who he would like to see run our government institutions. I remember his support and promotion of the members of the “Gang of Three” ejected from the Manteca Unified School Board.

Ashley Drain, a former Manteca Unified Trustee, was found guilty by a jury of four counts related to a violation of the welfare code and seven counts related to the election code.  Alexander Bronson, former Trustee for Manteca Unified School District, pleaded guilty to charges of voter fraud. He listed a false address in order to qualify for candidacy in the November 2014 election. Former Manteca Unified trustee and Stockton City Council candidate Sam Fant pleaded no contest to one felony count in an election fraud. He resigned from office.

There seems to be no end to the perpetual political mental masturbation of those wishing to reshape the world into their perverse view of democracy. I’m glad I live in a republic where the First Amendment allows them to have their say too. The irrationality makes our coffee time so much more humorous each morning.

Paul Schmitt