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$6 plus gas by third quarter of 2011?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
After all the letters about critical thinking one would hope that the Democrats would start applying critical thinking skills instead of continuing to use misinformation that is so easily disproved.  Mr. Sadlowski has quoted me on the phrase, “Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics”.  The object of statistics is to paint a clear picture of the situation for a better understanding.  

It now seems that Mr. “Cause and Confusion” Baca is definetly not smarter than a 5th grader.  He fails basic math and reading comprehension.  His first major point to confuse the reader is about the difference between the Great Depression and today’s unemployment level.  His statement “Real numbers would paint a clearer picture, don’t you think?” show his lack of critical thinking.  There are now about three times as many people in America as during the Great Depression.  If the Great Depression had an 8.2% unemployment rate, it would only have been a foot note in history.  If we had the same “Real Number” unemployed now that we had during the Great Depression, our unemployment rate would be about 2.5% and we would be celebrating, not bemoaning our situation.  Mr. Baca changed the context and created a false relationship between money percentages and employment percentages when none exists.  Percentages paint a clearer picture, not real numbers that is why unemployment is reported in percentages.  This is his first, feeble vain attempt “at making something sound more relevant than it actually is”.  Mr. Sadlowski, don’t you agree that this is a liar using statistic?  Mr. Baca claims to understand Economics and Psychology.  It is taught in economics, financial accounting, and business courses that the fed uses psychology to manipulate market behavior.  Mr. Baca’s premise “which is not to have everyone be aware that you are using it”, is not true.  

My point of the letter was to make people aware of the change in the Democrats’ psychology plan, how the Democrats used it to help create the conditions we are now in, and now how they want to use it to fix the economy.  Mr. Baca misquotes me by stating that I said “ the Democrats will not solve the problems in four months”.  I stated “If the population does not feel that the Democrats are solving this nation’s problems within the next four months, then the Democrats are going to feel the heat”.  This is completely different from predicting that the Democrats can’t fix the problems in four months.  Every Democrat that I have spoken with, uses the same flimsy argument; they make accusations but do not provide any objective evidence to support their claim.   If they had the evidence, they would surly use it to hurt the Republicans and Mr. Bush.  Mr. Baca has attacked my credibility but has not provided any objective evidence to counter my claims.  Do your own research to find the objective evidence that shows how the Republicans caused this financial crisis.  Mr. Baca goes on to say I “ didn’t substantiate that claim” about the unemployment numbers.  I used the same source Mr. Baca has used in the past when he has made his point about unemployment, the Department of Labor.  Mr. Baca did not provide any numbers to refute my claim.  That means he agrees with my findings.  We have had past letters about the unemployment numbers before, what they mean and how to interpret them.  

My prediction is by early 2010 we will start having high inflation and that gas prices will rise faster than they did before the peak.  We will see gas prices in the $6-$7  range as early as the third quarter of 2011.  How do you like that prediction?
Scott McComas
April 8, 2009