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80 minute wait to make appointment
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Let’s look at the legacy of Gov. Jerry Brown:

uNo. 1: High speed rail, $70 billion.

uNo. 2: Twin tunnels, $60 billion.

uNo. 3: Roads and ACE train, $55 billion.

uNo. 4: Cap and trade, $50 billion.

uNo. 5: Health insurance for all tax, $????

Numbers 3 and 4 will raise the cost of gas in California. Number 4 will allow refineries to pollute to add to the poor quality of air in California even though they will be required to pay for doing so — risk versus reward.

It’s hard to believe Gov. Brown didn’t focus some of his energy toward making the California DMV more user friendly. I called the DMV recently rather than wait in line outside the building and was told the “wait” was an hour and 20 minutes before someone could answer my call. I was just trying to make an appointment. I finally made the appointment four weeks out. Everyone would benefit from a more user friendly DMV regardless of their political affiliation.


Ted M. Rupert