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A day of working for others
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

First, I apologize that I could not write down all of what was spoken at the President’s announcement of a ‘Day of Remembrance’ commemorating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his accomplishments and life, and may make some mistakes.

The proclamation states that Dr. King’s birthplace, church and tomb are a National Historic Park of the same stature as are other national historic monuments — in my opinion, that is how it should be.  After the president spoke, Dr. Ben Carson also spoke.  His message basically was that Dr. King’s life was spent in the service of people and through that he served for all of us that want to end racism and come together as a people, judging each other by our characters and how we behave to each other rather than by the accident of color.  I have to say that I totally agree and ask “Where could we be today as a people if we loved each other the way we are commanded to in the Bible?”  Dr. King’s nephew also spoke and talked of what his uncle considered important in his lifetime and how his uncle had stated that he wanted any memorial of his to not be a ‘day of sorrow’ but rather a day of working for others and that we should do so on the holiday. 

To me, this was a wonderful occasion with many of Dr. King’s relatives present.  It was so positive and the gifts the King family (as well as Dr. Carson’s) have given to our country with the way they live their lives is priceless and we all should be happy they are part of our nation — a positive part — and try to emulate them with our own lives.  Dr. Carson, I know, had a wonderful mother as his parent; she raised her family alone.  And she was successful.  Here was a young, fatherless man, growing up in Detroit and look where he is today.  This should be so inspiring to all of us — but, we have to work for it — that is just the way life is. Today,  Dr. Carson is not only secretary of our Housing Urban Development program, he is also a famous neuro-surgeon.

A note regarding slavery — this is a terrible thing, I hate it but it is a part of human history —not a good part  but don’t be overwhelmed by the fact that it existed because that is not the way out of slavery.  We all should look to people like the King family and Dr. Carson for guidance.  Not towards those that are chained to the past as bad as it was.  We will never live in a perfect world.  Slavery is as old as humankind and still exists.  No sane person wants it.

As President Trump left the room, someone in the press was heard to shout Mr. President!  Are you a racist’?”  If the Rev. Dr. King’s family does not think so and they obviously do not — why do you ask that question?  To me, it seemed so demeaning to you, the press, and I imagine those members of the press who attempt to behave in a professional manner, are embarrassed by how you behaved. 

Congratulations to the King family for the honor given to your family member and through him to you.

Marie Evans