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A different look at global warming
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Mr. Sadlowski, it is sad to say this, but you are so right about those being in denial.

Mr. Baca’s letter on global warming proves that people do not understand the science behind CO2.  The Democrats are pushing this global warming issue based on junk science and politics.  Mr. Baca, how can you claim that you are an expert when you do not even understand the physics behind global warming?  You claim that “We are dealing with, a crisis of major proportions.”  Any reasonable grade school child knows from their history class that this planet was at one time, hot and steamy.  If you remember the dinosaurs lived in a hot, steamy, and muggy environment.  

How many times have glaciers advanced and retreated?  Wasn’t the Yosemite Valley formed by a glacier?  Did CO2 cause it to go away?  Go back to the 1400s to 1500s and we had a “Little Ice Age”.  In the late ‘80s, the mountains of California had snow on the ground for two consecutive years.  If you ask Dr. Aly at CSU-Stan, he will show you data from the last 100 years showing a seven-year (wet-drought) weather cycle.  There are many normal, short to very long weather cycles.  Even the planets in our solar system undergo climatic change.  Do a Google search on Time magazine and you will find that in the ‘70s, climatologists were predicting that we were heading into a freeze because of the pollution.  We had record pollution and cold during that period.  

Over the last 750,000 years, the earth has had eight glacier advances and retreats that have reached North America.  Does this not have any bearing on the global warming issues?  Let’s look at thermodynamics a bit more.  First, every gas in the atmosphere is considered a “green house” gas.  Particles also affect the atmosphere temperature because they hold and transfer heat as well.  What allows heat to be “trapped” in the atmosphere is the specific heat of matter.  This number relates to how much heat it can hold and how well it transfers heat.  The lower the number the less heat it can hold and the better it transfers heat.  Here are the specific heat numbers; CO2 0.89, Air 1.01, H2O vapor 2.00, and Methane 2.22.  Now, the global warming alarmists are complaining about CO2 and methane produced by cows.  That’s right, they’re still trying to stop bovine flatulence.  Both types of gas, environmentalists say, is causing global warming.  How can this be?  CO2 is less able to heat and allows heat to escape into space.  Bovine flatulence is better able to trap heat and inhibits heat transfer.  Water vapor traps heat, not CO2.  

To heat the earth by the sun, you need an optically clear path, because it is the sunlight hitting the earth that warms up the atmosphere.  If you have particulate material or cloud cover, the sunlight cannot penetrate the atmosphere and heat the earth.  The past climate changes had to have come from the earth itsself.  If you Google climate changes on planets, you will find that some planets are undergoing climate changes.  And man is not influencing the changes on those planets with CO2.  The issue as I see it, is that the Democrats and the Environmentalist are seeing two phenomena and making the wrong connection without connecting the science.  Consider the Midwest at 100 degrees, when the humidity goes up, it is harder to cool down because the specific heat of H2O vapor is high (2.00) so heat transfer does not happen.  Now go to the desert at 100 degrees, where the humidity is zero.  It is easy to cool down because there specific heat is 1.01.

The Democrats are supporting the environmentalists and pushing laws that will harm the economic vitality of this country.  The Democrats supported Mr. Raines and hindered the Bush administration from increasing the regulations governing Freddie and Fannie.  We know this caused the financial crisis.  Now they want to impose a cap and trade for carbon credits.  Since 2006, the Democrats have gained control and this country has been going downhill.
Scott McComas
 July 29, 2009