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A few questions that maybe King Obama can answer
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Obamacare: is it a tax, a penalty, or a punishment?

Just what happens when you give money to the politicians? Look at the California lottery. We were told it was for the schools so why are our schools broke? Sacramento has fooled us again, just like Washington is doing with this penalty on health care. What will happen to the people who cannot afford the tax, penalty or the punishment for not having money to purchase health care? Is there a new debtors’ prison someplace?

Why the big hurry to bring everything back from the Middle East? Everyday there is a train load of military vehicles going back to Fort Lewis, Washington. With the vote on July 27 in the United Nations on gun control, does the Obama administration think there is going to be a fight here to take our guns away? This treaty will completely go around our Second Amendment without a vote from congress. Imagine, Bass Pro Shops closing the gun counter, no more bullets from Walmart or anybody. This alone will put thousands of Americans out of work, by no more need for aftermarket gun supplies. RCBS in California will close. Where is Jerry McNerney right now?

There is a crisis coming in America under the name of health care reform that will turn into something I really don't want to think about.

Just follow the money. Barack Obama will never leave office. Six years from now you will remember that I said this, because there will no longer be elections for a new president. We will have a king.

Gary Duran


July 6, 2012