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About Aquilas attacks on Clinton
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

It seems that it takes at least three rambling letters from Frank Aquila before one response makes print so I will put that theory to a test with this reply to the last two letters from Aquila. The first being (“Democrat Party drops God references”) and the second being (“Questions Hillary won’t answer”) by Aquila.

In another previous letter, a contributor made the claim that the Bulletin leaned to the Left. I would beg to differ. With all the columns from Right Wing contributing journalists such as Brent Bozell, Pat Buchanan, Larry Elder, Debra Saunders and a couple more I can’t think of, appearing every day, sometimes two at once, I can’t imagine anyone thinking the Bulletin leans to the Left. I just looked at just the last two weeks or so, only one day did there appear a column written by a Left leaning contributing journalist, that was Jim Hightower, a two paragraph piece. With that in mind, I can understand why so many of Aquila’s letters go un-answered but let’s not get too obvious, ok?

In the first rant, the Aquila apparently believes all Democrats are Godless Commies who worship the Devil, who he claims is also a Democrat. (He really said that!) To quote him “... the Devil is a Democrat”.  In my response I said he reminded me of an angry street preacher who literally sees the devil at work in every Liberal who passes by. “ If one could peer into his brain, we would see, beyond the fetid swamp gas seeping from the narrow creases of his brain, only the acrid shallows of intolerant fundamentalist theology and the slippery moss of Right-Wing ideology.” I read that or something like that somewhere...fits here I think...

He went on to attempt to make some sort of Communist/Godless/Hillary/Saul Alinsky connection, the same thing he tried with President Obama during both of his campaigns, apparently forgetting how those campaigns ended. He also forgot to mention how his candidate, Donald Trump and Mike Pence both said the Communist leader, Putin, was a better leader than our President. Both have denied they ever said that but it’s all on tape for all to see.

In his second letter he goes on and on about questions for Hillary that apparently no journalist has thought of asking, not to mention the FBI and the multiple GOP led congressional investigations. But wait, the Devil is a Democrat, right? Which of course is why Hillary apparently controls the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Interpol, the Ashkenazi Jewish intelligence and the KGB.

 Aquila of course has no questions for Donald Trump but then where would one start, right? Besides, the Devil is a Democrat, right? Not one question, not even about his taxes, the ones he won’t release or the couple of pages from a prior year where he showed he paid no taxes and with his $950M loss from that year, (Trump likely didn’t pay any taxes for at least two decades because of that claimed loss). Aquila ends his letter with one final question for Hillary ( you want what is best for this country or do you just want what is best for yourself?) Knowing what we know now about Trumps two pages of a prior year’s taxes, his financial dealings with Russia, Saudi Arabia, China and who knows who else, which would probably show up if Trump would release his taxes, which he says he will, as soon as the tax audit is over, which is all BS because the IRS has already stated than an audit does not prevent him from releasing his taxes, as Nixon did,  so that final question seems to fit Donald Trump a whole lot better than where Aquila directed it, don’t you think? But then we can’t forget, the Devil is a Democrat, and the Bulletin leans to the Left, right?


Larry Baca