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About Ben Cantus fixation on citys old water tower
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,

Mr. Ben Cantu seems to still be fixated on the old water tower.  The City Council,  before making their ultimate decision to take down  the water tower, took into consideration  all  of the issues, both pro and con, before them.

Of course, one of the most important issues is  the fiscal problems facing the city at this time. I believe the council’s first priority has to be the need for more police officers and firemen.  On weighing the issues, the current safety of our citizens and property definitely outweighs the need for keeping a nonfunctional structure, albeit a so-called landmark.

I don’t believe Mr. Cantu has even looked into the bright side of removing the “tower”.  Once the tower is removed a large area where it now stands can be constructively used by the city.  I wish Mr. Cantu would give our Council credit for a job well done instead of threatening  to have them recalled. We are very fortunate to live in a city that is still moving forward in these bad economic times.

Lin LaRock
June 6, 2012