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Afghanistan doesnt deserve our support
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I think most if not all parents want to see their children succeed and be happy. From time to time even when they are adults, adult children need some financial help. And parents don’t mind. They should even love helping their kids. But, what if those adult kids were druggies, alcoholics, or always in and out of jail? Would you still help them out with more money?

What if they were mean, abusive and kept hitting you, even though you just gave them a thousand dollars? Would you still give them even more money? Think about that for a few seconds, before reading on.

So, what if the names of those abusive, mean kids were Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt.....would you still give them more money? Afghanistan is accusing the USA of working with the Taliban, even though we lost over 4,000 American service men and women, they want more money. As a veteran myself, I do not want to see those precious American lives lost in vein, but I do not want to send Afghanistan any more money if that is the sort of gratitude and disrespect we get for our fallen heroes.

So, after several hours of arguing with myself, I think it is time we just pull out and nuke ‘em and let the world know we can do it again if we need to, before North Korea makes it so we have to.

Gary Duran
March 27, 2013