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Afghanistan: Liberal war of hypocrites
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
When President Obama was inaugurated, the anti war protesters who opposed President Bush instantly became President Obama’s war supporters.  The protests stopped. The crosses stopped going up on the hill. stopped their opposition. Code Pink stopped all White House picketing and daily vigils. Naysayers became silent and the liberal media turned their attention to other stories.

 However, the War on Terror continued with American troops still in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, President Obama increased the level of troops by 27,000. The liberal group, Americans United for Change, that ran $600,000 worth of television ads in the summer of 2007 against Republican congressional candidates, declines to comment on Obama’s war plans. Other anti-war groups like VoteVets actually stated there is “much to like in the (Obama) plan” after they opposed President Bush.

 So why has Obama’s war become a war the liberals can accept?  Maybe they don’t consider it a war at all.  Liberals believe our military is involved in a police action having to now give “Miranda Rights” to the terrorist who are willing to decapitate the head of their enemy.  Maybe they are happy the terrorists are allowed to leave Guantanamo Bay for freedom to return to their home land where 69% are known to return to fight again against our military.  Maybe they are happy John Brennan, the Terrorism Czar, is an anti CIA activist that suggested the disbanding of the U.S. military and open dialog with terrorist. Maybe they are happy that the Obama administration no longer uses the word “terrorism” and refers to terrorist activities as “manmade disasters”. Maybe they are happy there are investigations into the interrogation tactics by the Bush administration on “torturing” three 9/11 terrorist by pouring water on their faces. Maybe they are happy to know the other terrorists in Guantanamo Bay will be allowed ACLU attorneys and trials in America.  

Maybe they are happy that Daniel Fried, the Guantanamo Closer Czar, is a Rights Activist for Foreign Terrorist and believes America has caused the War on Terrorism. Maybe they are happy with the release of information on U.S. Intelligence gathering, despite the urging of the CIA director not to do this.  Maybe they are happy to dismantle the Patriot Act and let surveillance ability of FISA to expire which both protected America from future attacks. Maybe they are happy with the termination of the missile defense system while North Korea and Iran are launching test missiles for a nuclear bomb. Maybe they are happy Dennis Blair, the Intelligence Czar, stopped the US guided missile program as “provocative” and blames American organizations for regional wars.  Maybe they are happy that Gary Samore, the WMD Policy Czar, is a former U.S. Communist who wants America to destroy all WMD programs unilaterally as a show of good faith to the world.  Maybe they are happy with President Obama apology for America tour. Maybe they are really for Hope and Change. The hope that these changes in American policies will not cost more American lives

 Whatever the reason, liberals are happy and would not dare to be critical of Obama’s war. They used the sacrifice of our brave military for political propaganda. Even the liberal media slogan was “if it bleeds, it leads.” Now, During the Obama administration, our fallen heroes have been replaced by other news stories such as health care reform, the death of Michael Jackson, and what dog the Obamas were going to get for the White House.

Now our fallen heroes, who sacrificed their lives for freedom, have become a footnote on the back page of the news.  These fallen heroes still need to be remembered even if does not advance President Obama’s political agenda. Since President Obama became Commander in Chief, 329 (as of October 7, 2009) of our military have fallen for freedom.

This is disgusting that these fallen heroes are forgotten by our liberal media.  They could not wait to report death during the Bush administration but now it does not fit their political agenda.  I can respect a liberal who still opposes Obama’s war but not the flip flopping liberal who supports the war, then opposes it and then again supports it when his candidate is in power.  Conservatives have always stood strong supporting our national defense of America.

With America still fighting terrorism, Iran and North Korea launching nuclear test missiles, and our economy teetering on an economic collapse with bankrupted Social Security, Unemployment nearly at 10% and trillions of unpaid debt, President Obama seems to now have more interest in bringing the Olympics to Chicago.  But the liberals are happy since it is Obama’s war - and that war is a good war to them - Hypocrites!
 Frank Aquila
President of the South
San Joaquin Republicans