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After 40 years working on health care reform how can this be called rushed?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Sometimes it is not easy to find real information using newspapers, news magazines or just plain TV news, all take more time than we sometimes care to use, but all it takes is a few clicks using the various search engines available on the internet to find virtually anything you may be curious about. It is also just as easy to find misinformation by the boatloads. (See : letter: “Impressed with Chief Dave Bricker”, Sept. 15 penned by Gary Duran) and (“Government is the problem not solution”,  Sept. 16 penned by James Simoni.)

Mr. Simoni’s DemocRATs rant is no different than anything he has submitted before and easily debunked by even the most basic of Internet users or anyone with an ounce of common sense so I will just leave it at that.

Mr. Duran thinks it “awesome” that Police Chief Dave Bricker takes the time to talk to citizens at places like Perko’s and calls Chief Bricker “...a true patriot”. Well, I think everyone would agree that it is commendable that Chief Bricker shares his time with Manteca citizens and I am equally sure, he considers himself a patriot, but I don’t know that simply making yourself available to Manteca citizens constitutes being “a true patriot”. Mr. Duran follows that comment by asking “Where is ‘(Congressman Jerry) McNerney’ anyway”, as if to imply that McNerney is not “a true patriot” because the Congressman doesn’t hang out at Perko’s everyday like Chief Bricker.

Apparently Mr. Duran was out of town the many times McNerney was in town doing the same thing as Chief Bricker. I don’t know exactly how many times McNerney was in town talking to Manteca citizens (I guess I could find out easy enough) but I can bet you McNerney has done that more often in the short time he has been a Congressman than all the 16 years or so that Richard Pombo held that post. In fact I cannot remember one time that Pombo did anything like that in Manteca.

Mr. Duran must remember that Chief Bricker is responsible only to the city of Manteca, McNerney has many cities depending on him. If Mr. Duran is so worried about where McNerney is, all he has to do is visit the web site: , for instance if he wanted to know where he would be Sept.  19 to 22, he would find McNerney will be in Danville, Tracy, Lodi, Brentwood and Morgan Hill (two locations).

Mr. Duran cites the most eloquent letter from Mrs. Karen Pearsall, a response to Mr. Frank Aquila on health reform, then uses this example as the reason “Neither side can agree on what exactly in it (the reform bill)”. He fails to recognize the version given by Mr. Aquila is full of half truths and flat out lies whereas Mrs. Pearsall goes to great lengths to reference quotes taken directly from the bill. It is obvious that Mr. Aquila never read one page of the bill in question, how do we know this? Just take a look at this web site: There you will find every claim made by Mr. Aquila, word for word.

Mr. Duran is concerned that the bill is not clear enough and should be as clear as “sitting at a stop sign”. Apparently Mr. Duran has not read the bill either and has instead decided he will take the word of people like Rush Limbaugh or Sara Palin. He will believe “death panels” truly exist, thousands of women with breast cancer will die, old people will be targeted for death, Republicans will be targeted using voter registration forms to deny them health care or even crazier claims such as, Obama is not a citizen. Just a few examples of the misinformation and worse from the right. Meanwhile the Republican Party has not only condoned such behavior but has integrated itself with it, just listen to people such as Michael Steele, RNC Chairman and several Republican members of Congress.

Mr. Duran is also concerned about the rush to get something done on health reform. Rush? Health reform has been an issue for 40 or 50 years and the issue has only become more and more grave. If not now, when? Apparently Mr. Duran thinks we should just sit at that “stop sign” that is so “clear” to him.
Larry Baca
Sept. 13, 2009