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Aguilar-Denham effort is needed compromise
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Bill Berryhill’s opinion, June 8, on H.R. 4760 says “(T)he proposed law would offer significant relief to farmers… .” Other farmers disagree: 

“(H.R. 4760) would worsen the worker shortage crisis for farmers throughout the country.” — Western Growers Association.

“(H.R. 4760) would cause too much disruption for our employees and our communities.” — California Farm Bureau.

Furthermore, Berryhill says “(H.R. 4760) resolves the status of ‘Dreamers’ under DACA and remedies longstanding problems with many immigration policies and programs. … (It) represents a golden opportunity to lay a solid foundation for years to come.”

Others do not find much of the ‘Golden Rule’ in this opportunity: 

“(H.R.4760) would only add to the injustice of our country’s immigration system by threatening family unity, severely cutting immigration, and leaving DREAMers without a pathway to citizenship in the country where they grew up and known as home.” — Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

“(H.R. 4760) has many flaws, but the key one is its impact on family. Family is the cornerstone of society. This bill would destroy the ability of a person to be reunited with their spouse, their parents, or their children. Breaking up families violates the values of any faith. That is wrong and Congress must reject this bill.” — NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

“The church is for family unity. We are for welcome. We are for justice, mercy, and hospitality. (H.R. 4760) is none of those things.” — Office of Social Justice, Christian Reformed Church

“H.R. 4760 is an unbalanced, partisan approach on an issue that requires a balanced, bipartisan approach for legislative success.” — US Chamber of Commerce.

Berryhill says that “(H.R. 4760) represents a needed compromise that balances many complex issues and concerns.” In my opinion a compromise requires bipartisan support. H.R. 4760 has only Republican sponsors. 

H.R. 4796, Uniting and Securing America (USA) Act is a true compromise with 25 Republican and 25 Democratic sponsors currently including Pete Aguilar (D) and Jeff Denham (R). As the two shared at a joint press conference:

“(The USA Act) represents a real bipartisan compromise that will provide a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers, and allow for a reasonable approach to securing our border. One of my top priorities is to ensure that these young people can continue the lives they’ve built here, and the USA Act will do just that.”  — Aguilar.

“The government asked Dreamers to come out of the shadows, and it’s time for Congress to pass (the USA Act) that will allow them to truly move forward with their lives. The only way to accomplish this is through compromise that includes border security measures. DACA recipients are American in every way possible except on paper.” — Denham. 

Léo Bennett-Cauchon,