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Airport Way is not a truck route
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I have been reading the concerns of citizens over the use of Lathrop Road for large trucks weighing over four tons.
I have complained to the city about trucks weighing over four tons using Airport Way in the city limits for the past three years. Airport Way was not engineered for large truck traffic either. The trucks travel at speeds over the posted speed limit. Airport Way between Louise Avenue and Lathrop Road is deteriorating to the point that passing trucks, mostly traveling to/from the intermodal facility on Roth Road (in Lathrop) as well as trucks from SSI on Louise Avenue (in Lathrop) are causing vibration damage to homes that back up to Airport Way. I’m sure the same applies to homes that back up to Lathrop Road. These trucks are using Manteca as a shortcut; they are not doing any business in the City of Manteca.
There are truck routes available; Louise Avenue in Lathrop to I-5, Roth Road in Lathrop to I-5, Airport Way from Roth Road to French Camp Road and French Camp Road between I-5 and Highway 99. These roads have been designated as truck routes and should be the routes used. There is no reason for truck traffic on Airport Way or Lathrop Road in the City of Manteca as other approved routes are available.
I have repeatedly asked for enforcement action but have been completely ignored by police officials. I have written letters to past council members with no reply. I have a letter from a person in the traffic engineering department. who clearly states “Airport Way is not an approved truck route at this time.” He further stated the city did not want to go through the expense of putting up signs indicating “Not a truck route.”
Title 10, Section 10.52 of the Manteca Municipal Code appears to apply in this case.
Manteca city leaders, time is of the essence, how about doing something for Manteca residents;
Stop the illegal truck traffic on Airport Way and Lathrop Road, Enforce the law.

Mark Mehring