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Alcohol should be banned from school fundraisers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

With all the social functions going on these days, it is plain to see that alcohol plays a major part whenever some kind of misconduct takes place due to some adults having to act like they are king of the hill.

Soon an argument takes place and then things happen that ruin it for everyone. Most recently it was a fist fight at a crab feed in Manteca and now a brawl at Ripon’s Spring Creek Country Club during the annual Almond Blossom Festival.

It is terrible and disgusting for adults to act in such a manner. Whenever an event takes place that has anything to do with school activities including raising funds for them, alcohol should be banned. That won’t happen, though, because money is involved. 

That’s why alcohol is likely to stay. Money, money, money — that’s the name of the game.


Fred Millner
Feb. 26, 2012