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All of GOP isnt exactly on moral high road
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

When I sent in my letter voicing my concerns about the Bulletin maybe leaning a little more to the right than usual “(Is Bulletin leaning to the right?”), I more or less expected the local fringe to become somewhat upset, and I expected a few letters to be sent to the Bulletin from the local fringe, making their feelings heard. I expected those letters to contain more than a few attacks about things I probably didn’t even mention, someone would probably find some obscure quote from the Bible that would justify whatever accusation they may make. And I was right but what I didn’t expect, and maybe, considering who these same people worship and love to quote on talk TV, Limbaugh, Beck, etc..., I probably should have, and that was that this group would come completely unglued. The same way those GOP leaders, Limbaugh, Beck, etc... react when they are called out on the looney tunes they spout so readily, even crying on national TV like Beck did recently.

Two or three of these letters were published but they don’t even compare to the ranting and raving that they did on the Bulletin blog. If you have any doubts, just visit the blog. I promise you will be amazed. I was even accused of supporting NAMBLA, not mentioned in my letter but I expected something like that. Now I have to admit my ignorance on anything to do with NAMBLA, I only know about it because my Republican friends discussed it in such detail. Apparently they have a more than disturbing interest in such a group, kind of turns on a bit too much light in their respective caves, don’t you think? One of these fringies even defended porn as being legal. I hate to snuff out another fringe point of light here, but porn is not all legal, for example ‘child porn’ is not legal anywhere that I am aware of.

What really amazes me here is how the local fringe as well as their respective leaders, can start writing checks on morality when their party has never been more morally bankrupt. Do they really think we have all forgotten the numerous sex scandals the Republican Party has suffered recently? Does anyone really need to list them? You can do a ‘Top Ten’ like Letterman on these, change them every week and still not fit them all in one week.

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit, but you get the point, right?

Larry Baca
Oct. 25, 2009