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Amy Sullivan is right about police
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
After reading responses to Amy Sullivan’s letter (which I agree with) I began to realize how emotional responders to her letter are. They live in a fantasy world where everything is based on race.
Larry Baca and others are always basing their views on life in terms of race. It is not realistic. Amy was correct. When a person brings race into any discussion they are always advancing racism. I would like to point out that Mr. Baca stated the hypothetical (fantasy) teacher was black. That was racism. Anyone that thinks police would shoot a black teacher more than anyone else is by definition a racist.
The most realistic thing about Mr. Baca’s fantasy is that any armed teacher would be trained to put their weapon down and yell “get this man an ambulance”. Then the training has kicked in and the fantasy has dissolved. The ability to control your emotions is the definition of being mature.
Mr. Baca should write less and think more. You were correct Amy. Police are trained and so would be teachers.

Robert Cook