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An apology & thanks to DHM ER patients
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
 Please allow me to take the opportunity to offer an apology and thanks at the same time, to our recent Emergency Room patients.  Beginning March 31, Doctors Hospital of Manteca launched our “paperless” Emergency Room.  

We fielded several-hundred thousand dollars worth of electronic technology designed to provide greater accuracy of documentation and order processing, and to ensure a higher level of efficiency and overall customer service.  I want to thank our recent patients, for their understanding as we deployed this technology without shutting down any E.R. services.  The “front end” of this technology involves several mobile devices with which the physicians, nursing and other staff will use touch-screen technology.  Although it may have appeared at times that we were focusing on computers rather than humans, I can assure you that our patients come first, always.  Shifting away from manual (pen on paper) to electronic documentation is a paradigm shift for us all, but the necessary and right thing to do to advance the state of local health care delivery.  I apologize to anyone who might have felt that they were not the center of our efforts.  We hosted several representatives from the company from whom we purchased the system, and we had extra staff on to help with the transition process, thus we had a somewhat crowded E.R. yesterday.

Our new electronic E.R. will allow us to provide consistently better customer service to all of our patients and communities.  Dr. John Woodbury, MD, Emergency Department Medical Director and I, along with everyone from Doctors Hospital of Manteca restate our commitment to all of you – and thank you for your patience as we improve our technology to be a better hospital.
 Mark Lisa
Chief Executive Officer
Doctors Hospital of Manteca