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Angry over salary jump for Messer
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

When I read of the Manteca Unified School District board voting to raise the salary of Jason Messer, the latest in a long line of grasping, ambitious superintendents, it made me mad.

School board employees and teachers have unflinchingly taken cuts in pay; everywhere we look there are pay cuts; (we’ve even been told that Independence Day may have to be celebrated on July 3 to save money on overtime for fire and police employees because the 4th of July falls on a Saturday!  What manner of elitism is this?)  They come, they accomplish little or nothing for about two years, and they move on for a higher salary in some other school district.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they were doing a good job, if they left the schools in better shape, but it seems that the same mediocre dilemma grinds on year after year and superintendent after superintendent.

Their names are memorable for their bureaucratic sense of privilege: Rickewald, Nichols-Washer, Messer.  Because they have letters after their names, which they earned by writing a barely readable thesis, they sit in their ivory towers (a new one of which has recently opened here in town) and enjoy the awestruck idolatry of mere undergraduates and masters degrees.  This is typically the same non-ethical standard which permeates the globalist banking establishment which is working hard to bankrupt this country and meld us into the United Nations.  In fact they’re all working together.  Reading, history, and education generally, are weak in order to facilitate the globalist scheme.  Ignorant people have never been taught to question authority, have never learned, as early as 4th grade, to exercise their constitutional rights.  In a corporate dictatorship this type of thinking is discouraged as being old fashioned.  Even new religions are popping up which teach about “goodness without God”.  There will however be an ultimate reckoning.  This ruination will be recompensed according to its works!  The Almighty is preparing the final undoing of evil and the ultimate destruction thereof.  Most of the practitioners of this wretched lie simply do not believe that they will be held accountable by God; in fact they really don’t believe in God at all (although they do tend to give Him lip-service).

These atheistic piss ants feel quite sure that there will be no retribution at all, but that things will just continue in the same way as ever.  Well, maybe commands are being barked on the internet at this very moment which will upset the apple-cart of fraud causing more than a few PhDs to have a bad time.

Steven J. Catalano
March 29, 2009