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Animal torture gets harsher time than human torture
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Remember the case of the young teenage boy, Kyle R., being shackled and tortured in a family home in Tracy? The case has been postponed and postponed — hoping people will forget.

In November 2009 it was reported in the Tri-Valley Herald that Judge Terrence Van Oss has upheld the torture charges against two of the men, Schumacher and Walter.

Now, according to the June 8, 2010, issue of the San Joaquin Herald, an attorney for the defendant, Kelly Lau, has asked that charges be dismissed against her (may be decided August 9, 2010.) Now, this is the lady of the home and did not know or participate in any of the torture and keeping food from Kyle R.?

People who abuse wild or domestic animals are prosecuted more harshly for such horrible deeds. Isn’t a human life on a higher scale? ‘Course it is wrong to torture and hurt either.

I have read that each defendant in this case has pleaded “not guilty.” How could that be? The poor undernourished teenager was seen and clearly showed scars, bruises and dirty condition of his body.

Please, Judge Van Oss, these defendants are guilty and they should be punished as guilty. Also, Caren Ramirez, supposedly the aunt or guardian of Kyle R. should be locked away forever.

Are the taxpayers of California paying for this case? Surely none of us wish to support and tolerate any type of torture against young kids or animals.
T.L. Milan
June 9, 2010