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Another afternoon, more blood on Bypass
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin
Another afternoon shattered by the sounds of vehicles smashing into each other, within moments the wailing of multiple sirens, announcing yet another major collision on 120.
Is it every week — or every other week — the 120 to 99 interchange is bathed in fresh blood?
Thanks to our elected officials in Sacramento, we can all use any restroom we want regardless of gender.
We don’t have to worry about our state spending any money in North Carolina because they have banned the same restroom policy.
Thanks to our governor, we don’t have to worry about cow farts damaging our atmosphere.
All these actions by our state government have occurred in the last few months.
How many of our neighbors have been grievously injured or died as result of an accident on our blood bathed highway junction during this same period?
I have no doubt that if this were occurring in the vote and donation rich Bay Area it would have already been fixed.
What are our local, state, and federal elected representatives who are supposed to be representing us doing about this?

John Morrisette