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Appalled at non-service dog in grocery store
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I was at the Manteca Save Mart Grocery store on Yosemite Avenue on Sunday, June 3, around 2 in the afternoon. 

As I was waiting my turn in line I noticed in the line next to me a lady with a cute small dog lying in her grocery cart and the dog was not a service dog.  I said to the checker, “look behind you,” and she did and said, “Oh I know”. She also said no one says anything about that!

I asked for the store manager. He came and was very polite. I told him to look to his left, which he did and his face said a thousand words while smiling.  I did not want a scene so I was very quiet about it and so was he.  I asked him what he was going to do about that and his response was, “I am new to Manteca and I do not know Manteca’s city ordinances,” so he did nothing but smile.

 I happened to have my camera so I took a picture of the dog in the basket with the store manager smiling at the dog. As we both watched the customer leave the store still with her dog and now her groceries in the cart I asked him if he was going to clean that cart before another customer would use it. He said yes, he would clean it himself.  I also asked him if he would want to put his groceries in that cart after the dog had been lying in it and he said, “no”, so I said to him, then why would I? 

He did follow the lady and her dog to her car and that is when he confronted her.  I am appalled not one employee stepped up and addressed this situation including the manager. I do understand it is much easier to do nothing than to do something about a situation in question.  If this was a service dog then the situation would be different, of course.  I did tell the manager I would be contacting corporate and he said he was calling them right after I left.

Mrs. Johnson


June 4, 2012