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Appreciates effort to possibly reduce train noise
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I greatly appreciate the Manteca City Council looking into reducing the train noise like our neighbor cities of Lodi and Escalon. I do not even live that near the tracks but the horns can be clearly heard through at least five crossings.
 Not all of the train engineers operate the horns the same and some really sound them much longer. I read some other letters about this and please do not assume everyone loves the sound of train horns. I have lived here for 30 years and when I bought my house in 1988 there was nowhere near the rail traffic that there is now.
I feel the liability issue should not be an issue at all because if someone goes around a lowered flashing crossing arm that has a mounted horn going, how would our city possibly be liable? We do not need to put up with noise pollution that can be prevented by establishing a quiet zone. I do not mind paying an extra tax or bond to finance it and I think it would greatly improve our city.
Ken Lawver