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Appreciates Rembulats column
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Kudos to Vince Rembulat for his column headlined “I signed up for parenthood.”  

In a day and age when people want their “rights” above their “responsibilities” it was refreshing to read about someone and a man in particular, that realizes what a responsibility it is to raise children.  Coming from a broken home where my father did not take responsibility to spend time with me and mentor me, I made it a point to limit my rights for pleasure for the greater good of assuming responsibility for my children’s best interests.  In other words it takes time, energy and personal sacrifice to influence kids to make right choices.  

Parents who say, “Well I have my rights to self fulfillment,” are really just being selfish and lazy at the expense of shaping their children’s future.  You only have a few short years to make a difference.  Take advantage of it while you can.  You will not regret the time you have invested into your kids’ lives.  They will remember it.  Thanks Vince for the reminder.
 Jim Benedict
Aug. 12, 2009