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Appreciative of extra care by fire, ambulance crews
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to thank the crew from Manteca Fire as well as the crew from Manteca District Ambulance that responded to aid my father on the night of Dec. 16.

My dad was in respiratory distress that night, and I called 911 for help. The dispatcher stayed on the line with me while the units were en route.

 Based on the time of night, and the fact that we live on a court, I asked that they come in "quiet", out of respect for our neighbors. They did just that, and not one person on the street came out to see what was going on.

When they arrived, the care and respect that was shown to my family was fantastic. While they treated my dad, it started to get a bit loud. I explained that my ailing mother was in bed down the hall, and the noise level dropped to not much more than a whisper.

They closed the front door while helping dad, because he said he was cold and made sure that he was comfortable throughout the entire ordeal.

Prior to departure from the house, I was asked if my mother was OK, and if she needed to be checked out.

At the E.R., the paramedics stayed until my dad was stable, and prior to departure, wished us luck with my father.

These may seem like minor details, but believe me, they did wonders to ease my mind. I feel that all involved parties went well beyond their "duties" in the care for my father.

In spite of the efforts of the Manteca Fire Department and Manteca District Ambulance staff, as well as the entire E.R staff at Kaiser, my father lost his long battle with pulmonary fibrosis.

Words cannot explain what a comfort is to me and my family knowing that my dad had the best of care and respect possible.

Please stay safe.

Gordon Taiariol


Dec. 20, 2012