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Aquila: Baca gets facts wrong about Gill & videotaping
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,

Larry Baca has his facts wrong again and has misrepresented Congressional Candidate Ricky Gill with several inaccuracies. 

Baca has accused Gill of being “paranoid” about the Democrat operatives following him around and videotaping him.  The fact is Gill is correct.  Democrats have followed both him and several other Republican candidates - including Congressman Jeff Denham.

 After observing Democrats continually come in the past to the South San Joaquin Republican meetings with their video cameras and also creating a disturbance, I took it upon myself, without the knowledge of any candidate, to ban all videography without either my approval or the approval of the candidate.  Baca proved he did not know what he was talking about since the Gill campaign was unaware of my decision until the night of the meeting.  The candidates have told me that they find the videographers amusing since they are unafraid of them.  It also symbolizes what Gill has stated of their fear of the candidates to send out their Democrat spies. 

 Since the videographers were required to put away their camera, they soon left and apparently reported back to Baca since he has now written his troubling thoughts about the banning of videography at the South San Joaquin Republican meetings.  My reason for the ban was to prevent these operatives of having easy access of videography of the Republican candidates. 

 In fact, it is the Democats who are paranoid.  According to a recent article (, Democrat groups, through the funding of billionaire George Soros “have formed a new far left research organization to track GOP candidates in the field. American Bridge 21st Century will arm their young socialist brigade with cameras hoping to catch GOP candidates in embarrassing gaffes” and record every handshake to bring to their war room to derail the candidate from winning.

 Baca has shown that he and the Democrats are paranoid and again using lies and deception, while twisting the truth against a candidate for their own political benefit.

Frank Aquila
President, South San Joaquin Republicans