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Aquila feels sorry for Baca feeling the burn
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As the Democrat Party begins their national convention this week, I actually feel sorry for Larry Baca.  He was feeling the “bern” for Bernie Sanders as an anti-establishment movement only to be left feeling the “burn” of having to support and defend Hillary Clinton as the most corrupt politician in American history.  

Sanders supporters, like Larry, gave $220 million to the anti-establishment candidate only to have the Democrat Party bosses grant the well connected, establishment Hillary the nomination through “super delegates.”  Now Larry, being the good liberal he is, must try to defend Hillary and all her baggage while feeling the “burn” of her tactics to become the Democratic nominee. 

 Larry is forced to defend the FBI investigation which FBI director James Comey stated that Hillary was very careless when she set up an illegal server and then deleted 33,000 emails when she was caught.  Larry has to defend Hillary’s statement that those 33,000 emails were personal, such as Yoga routines.   Seriously? That must be like Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton to discuss the grandchildren.  Larry must defend Hillary for ignoring the requests of assistance in Benghazi, Libya as Americans were murdered.  After the attack in Benghazi, President Obama and Hillary both blamed the attack on a You Tube video to provide cover for Obama’s 2012 election campaign.  In a letter to the Manteca Bulletin, Larry Baca defended both Obama and Hillary that the attack was in response to a You Tube video.  Now Larry has egg on his face as Hillary was forced to admit that she lied to the American people, the victims’ families and to Larry Baca.  Hillary wanted to brush the issue off claiming, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Larry is forced to defend Hillary for using her Secretary of State position to sell American uranium to a Canadian investor through the donation to the Clinton Foundation to get approval from Hillary, which the investor sold our uranium to the Russians with another donation made to the Clinton Foundation.  Larry must really feel the “burn” that he must defend Hillary using her “pay to play” position as Secretary of State when she provided favors for other nations in donations of millions to the Clinton Foundation, which is nothing more than her campaign war chest disguised as a charity.   Larry must be feeling the “burn” as Hillary received millions in donations from countries that provide no rights to women while Hillary claims to be a champion for women.  Larry is also left to defend Hillary as she claims she will protect women against sexual assault after Hillary shamed the many women that accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.  

Larry must defend why Hillary would allow the mother of Michael Brown, who attacked a Ferguson police officer, to speak at her convention while ignoring the spike in police officers murdered this year. John McNesby, president of the Philadelphia Police Union stated, “Hillary Clinton should be ashamed for allowing relatives of people killed by police to speak, but not give equal time to families of fallen officers.”

I really feel bad for Larry Baca.  I know he is not feeling the “bern” anymore; but instead feeling “burned.”  He has been placed into a position to defend why Hillary should be trusted as president even though she has been characterized as careless, naïve and neglectful while compromising our national security.  This is a mission impossible, even for Larry, since Hillary is considered the least trusted candidate in American history.  Therefore, since the movie, “Hillary’s America” has just been released at the theater; I will offer to pay for Larry’s ticket to see the movie of the real Hillary.  After all, since Larry is a real Democrat, I am sure he will appreciate the free hand out from another taxpayer.


Frank Aquila