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Aquila lies to help make his point on guns
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Democrats, video games and liberal policies influence gun violence in America. That is where Mr. Aquila puts the blame of gun violence in America. (“Law-abiding folks not reason for gun violence:, Tuesday, Feb 26 by Frank Aquila.)

Aquila rightfully states mass murderers are usually mentally ill but wrongfully insists further background checks for those buying weapons is not needed by supporting his argument with the statement that criminals will always have access to weapons. This may be true but Aquila seems to want that access to be as easy as possible.

Aquila wrongfully points out that all the mass killers of late have either been avid video game players, hated Christians, or, says Aquila, were registered Democrats and some even worked on the Obama campaign. Of course they did, everyone knows that, right? I think Aquila is of the same mindset as other GOP leaders, which is, if most people don’t know the truth, it makes it easier to lie.

Aquila brings up proposals by some gun opponents like further taxing guns and ammunition, or forced liability gun insurance like what is done now with automobiles. He wrongfully claims there is a law being proposed to allow any known gun owner to be searched by police without a warrant. Like I said, it makes it easier to lie...

The first two proposals are actually backed by over 61% of California citizens, mostly women. So even if those proposals came to a vote, Aquila is definitely in the minority.

Aquila inexplicably tries to tie U.S. gun violence with the Benghazi incident and even insists Obama had something to do with it because “he refuses to state where he was during the attack”. Maybe he was in the White House cellar playing violent Anti-Christian video games. Ever think of that Aquila?

Larry Baca


Feb. 28, 2013