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Aquila says hell gladly take Baca to see Hillarys America
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Larry Baca is having a bad week.  After getting a bag of sour grapes, he sat down to watch his beloved Democrat Party in turmoil as Wiki Leaks revealed a conspiracy between the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to make Hillary the nominee while undermining the self-admitting Socialist, Bernie Sanders.
As Baca ate one sour grape after another, DNC chairwoman —Debbie Wasserman Schultz — was booed by the Sanders supporters.  It was announced that she would quit as the DNC chair and later revealed she would join the corrupt and Hillary campaign.
Baca must also be suffering from brain fog from too much sugar as he forgot his own feeling of the “bern” for Bernie Sanders in a past letter to the Manteca Bulletin as he now claims to support Hillary.”  Still, Baca had more sour grapes to crush as the Democrat National Convention failed to show a single American flag on the first day of the convention.  There were plenty of other flags on proud display including Communist North Korean flags, Soviet flags, Palestinian flags and flags of Hamas, which is a recognized terrorist organization. 
Someone got the word out so Old Glory was flying once again on day two, mixed amongst the flags of communism and terrorism.  Speaking of terrorism, the word “terrorism” and “ISIS” were not brought up during the first day of the convention.  I thought the Democrat Party would be proud to recognize ISIS, since ISIS was organized and created during the leadership of Obama.  After all, Secretary of State John Kerry recently stated that refrigerators and air conditioners are more of a threat to America than ISIS.  I am sure Baca never heard of a refrigerator or air conditioner cutting off someone’s head. 
Baca must had swallowed another sour grape knowing that Communism is responsible for over 100 million deaths worldwide as his party embraces their ideology.  For the record, Capitalism has never killed anyone.
With all the idiocy from the DNC, Baca has become disparate and made some wild assertions about me, taking a play from the Democrat-Hillary playbook to divert from the issue and lie about your opponent. I showed these assertions to my wife who encouraged me to respond to Baca’s rant. Baca asserted that he knows someone at someplace that stated to him that I order water with a lemon and add sugar to make lemonade. (Isn’t that called gossip Baca?) For the record Baca, water with lemon slices are given in high class restaurants.  I figured Baca has never been to a high class restaurant since he didn’t know and, for the record, I order un-sweetened ice tea.  Too much sugar causes brain fog.
In another move, Baca called my points about Hillary “fact-free” but offered no examples of anything to be false.  Instead, Baca called Donald Trump a proven liar, cheat, bigot, and a woman hater.  Isn’t that the same America can say about Hillary Clinton? She is not trusted because of her countless lies, she has been under investigation countless times for cheating, Hillary has used people for her own political expediency, and Hillary has slandered many women who have been the victim for sexual assault from her husband, Bill.
Last, Baca in true Democrat form was not satisfied for me offering him one free ticket to see “Hillary’s America” at the movie theaters.  Instead, he requested two free tickets so he would not have to go by himself.  Do not worry Baca, I will go with you.  I will even buy you a Boca Burger.  In the meantime, put down the sour grapes and lay off the sugar. It is giving you brain fog.

Frank Aquila