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Aquila suggests Baca double check the facts
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Before Larry Baca accuses anyone of lying, he should first check his facts.  He had suggested that I had lied in a letter (Feb. 26) headlined “Law-abiding folks not reason for gun violence.”  Baca responded with a letter (February 28, 2013) headlined “Aquila lies to help make his point on guns”.  However, his letter is filled with a grumbling complaints with no facts.  Baca goes on with his rant to suggest I lied stating there is no such “law being proposed to allow any known gun owner to be searched by police without a warrant”, even though I referenced the point.

In the state of Washington, there is, in fact, a law being proposed by three liberal Democrats ( SB 5737-2013-14 ) that would require annual home “inspections” or warrant less searches on legal gun owners. This is an attempt to trample both the 2nd and 4th amendments to the US Constitution with one terrible law. 

All Baca can do is rant about the facts that I have presented; but before he accuses anyone of lying, he should double check his facts.

Frank Aquila
March 2, 2013