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Aquila talks about haters & takers
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.”  Who are the Hillary supporters?  

Many are the “Haters and the Takers.”  They are the haters of American greatness.  They are the street protestors of the 1960s who have taken positions within government and public institutions to indoctrinate the next generation to believe that American superiority is bad.  They believe in the communist ideology of Karl Marx that those individuals who achieve must share their wealth with those who haven’t achieved through taxes, fines, and government regulations.   They believe that government should oversee the redistribution of wealth.  They believed in eliminating capitalism and replacing it with socialism, and peacefully overthrowing the government and replacing it with communism.

The whole idea is to “Burn the system down and replace it with a new one” as quoted from Democrat organizer, Saul Alinsky, who is a self-proclaimed Marxist.  Alinsky believed and taught, in order to transform America, there must be rebellion, manipulation, and deception to “Agitate, Aggravate, Educate, and then Organize.”  Organizers stirred division and hatred, organized protests, and encourage riots with claims of social injustice through race, gender, and class envy to motivate and hate one group of Americans over another.

These organizations include Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and hundreds more pro communists organizations have been funded by billionaire George Soros, a self-proclaimed Marxist, who hates America and has influenced Democrat politicians, politics, and funded efforts to influence our elections by dividing America through hate.

The other haters that support Hillary are those who claim the American Flag, a symbol of freedom, is a symbol of oppression.  They take “United We Stand” to their own “Divide We Conquer.”   They refuse to stand and salute the flag; but instead burn or dishonor the flag in protest.  When the Pledge of Allegiance is said, “under God” is subtly removed.  

Christians would be included in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.”  Karl Marx and other communists considered those that believed in God as their biggest threat since Christians do not rely on government; but rather on Christ, making Christians the biggest threat to their Democrat dynasty.

The other Hillary supporters are the takers.  These are the people who are dependent on the government to take care of all their needs.  Rather than provide each person with opportunities to pursue happiness, these people are stuck on the government nipple.  

The worst thing that can happen to a free society is for that society to realize they can vote themselves free stuff.  The Democrats have used this façade that the Democrats are the party of the poor by providing a few appetizers without providing the main course.  These people feel they are entitled for the government to supply all their needs instead of taking individual responsibility.  Therefore, Democrats use taxpayers’ money to offer free stuff to get votes to maintain power.  The Democrats know if they can create more and more “poor people” who rely on the government to supply their needs, they can control that group of voters to consistently vote Democrat during each election.  

If Hillary and the Democrats can get more than half of America to become haters and takers of America, they know they will have power to win elections and control government for years to come.


Frank Aquila