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Are you willing to sacrifice your childrens future for Obamacare?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Obamacare is an interesting subject among many different groups. Those that have health care are concerned that they will lose what they have.

Those without can’t wait to have. Both sides have good ideas as to why it is needed or not needed.

I have one question: If it is so good why will it not be implemented until 2013 if passed this year? Why the rush to pass? Has Washington ever heard the old saying of “Let’s take our time and get it right the first time. No need to rush through the process and then spend years correcting what is wrong.” Is there an ulterior motive for the hurry-up?

How can something that is so good take away services from those people on Medicare, which it will since they need $500 billion to help fund the program? How can services be better by adding 40 million people to the system without increasing the number of medical personnel and hospitals?

Last but not least what parts of the U.S. Constitution will be destroyed by the plan? This is one issue that has never been discussed. We would lose the rights given by the 3RD, 4TH and I think the 9TH amendments.

Is this plan really worth it? Think about what you wish for, and are the consequences really worth it in the long run? Are you willing to sacrifice your children’s future for short-term satisfaction?

 Dale Burnham
Sept. 27, 2009