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Arizonas move will ease social woes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Three years ago we had a debate about illegal immigrants.  The main difference between then and now is that: they are not holding the American flag upside down, they are waving many more American flags than Mexican flags, the economy is in shambles, unemployment is extremely high, cities and states are broke, schools are broke, and the general population is angry at those that come here to freeload off the American taxpayer.

Here in California, as well as other states, we disregard the federal laws regarding pot and claim a states right.  Now Arizona is claiming its state right to follow and enforce the immigration laws and people are complaining it is unconstitutional.  Go figure.  Every country in the world and for the past 80 or so years, require everyone to carry ID whether they are citizens or not.  Law abiding people have no fear of carrying and producing ID when asked.  When asked, “My I see your driver’s license or your papers please”, it is still the same but one is demonized.  Only law breakers and criminals are afraid to ID themselves.  If I am required to carry ID as a citizen then how much so should a foreigner be required?  The “Real ID act” requires states to verify citizenship before issuing a DL or ID card.  Arizona is estimated to have over 450,000 illegal immigrants.

Arizona has a 9.5% unemployment rate.  If all illegal immigrants were deported, Arizona would have a negative 5% unemployment rate.  People from all over the country would go to Arizona to back fill those jobs.  A huge disproportionate number of gang members are illegal immigrants and a huge disproportionate numbers of those incarcerated are illegal immigrants.  By giving local and state police the power to easily check immigration status, gang crime will drop in Arizona.  Potential gang members can now be deported before they become violent criminals.  Arizona will also see a drop in people needing social services.  School attendance will drop.  Companies will fire employees who can’t prove their citizenship and thereby opening up new positions to the unemployed.  Teenagers will have a chance to get after school jobs.  The affects of this is already starting to happen as businesses that cater to the Hispanic/Latino communities are losing customers.  All this improvement for Arizona will increase the strain on other states.  The laws that Arizona implemented is the start of a chain reaction.  Other states were already starting to consider similar laws.  As the forward thinking states invoke strong illegal immigration laws, the states with very liberal policies like California will see a huge strain on their resources.  California has the lowest credit rating of any state.  Any additional burden on its resources will cause California to reverse its self and invoke the most restrictive social service policies of any state towards illegal immigrants and welfare services.  In the past, the illegal immigration argument has been:  We don’t need any new laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have.  Or we need comprehensive immigration reform.  The proponents of open boarders and illegal immigration have used this argument to keep reform from happening.  Now they are getting what they asked for, but not what they wanted, they are screaming “unconstitutional” and “racial profiling” as a last ditch attempt to keep the borders open and their gravy train on track.  The race card has been played far too many times that it has worn out its effect.  If you want to see the unemployment rate drop, get a new job, taxes drop, crime drop, schools have more money, states that aren’t on the verge of bankruptcy, or your standard of living to go up, support Arizona efforts to enforce the current immigration laws.  If you like the status quo, then go to San Francisco to join the protesters screaming “racial profiling”, and boycott Arizona.  Don’t call me a racist.  You demanded enforcement of current laws and comprehensive reform.  I am just supporting what you demanded.
Scott McComas
May 2, 2010