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Attacks on Sarah Sanders not funny
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
As a ‘senior citizen’ I of course have different opinions than do many people who are younger than I. 
But, humans remain the same and we have feelings and we have responsibilities. What good is it to make fun of someone else in public and while the victim is present?  What good does it do to be absolutely ‘clueless’ about the value of a human life? How does that help any human being?  I certainly believe it possibly hurt the woman named Michelle Wolf who was so very hateful to another woman about her age, if not in her career, in her soul. 
Sarah Sanders has had children and I am sure loves them very much.  Wolf has not had any — but I could be wrong.  The portion of her ‘humor’ that I heard was hardly humor.  I am not entirely against a timely abortion for a variety of reasons but as soon as that baby (that is what it really is) is a viable child it has a right to live.  That bothered me the idea of having to pummel the fetus in order ‘to get that baby out’ is hideous.
The flippant way she spoke about something that can be so very hard on the woman making or not making this choice?  Not humane at all just vicious with the aim of making herself ‘known’ and possibly helping her career.   The things she said to Republican Sara Huckabee Sanders were way out of order, even for that event.  Why take on another human being in public and try to be humorous while tossing as much meanness and pettiness onto her as she could?  Is this funny?  Would Miss Wolfe be laughing if someone addressed her on national TV in the same derogatory way?  It was obvious she was struggling to make a name for herself — well, she did and I hope she enjoys the fame.
She is not the only one, however, as the rest of the press there seemed to be getting a good laugh at Sarah’s expense — a young mother, trying to do a job who has a different political opinion than obviously most of the people present — is a thing to laugh at?  Miss Wolfe has now put herself next to the performer who wants to bomb the White House and presumably kill the president.  We are in a time that thinks college students are in so much stress they need ‘crying closets’ and yet it is acceptable to viciously attack another person (a woman yet) in as harsh a way as possible and have no pity?  Where was the humanity in that? there were so many other opportunities for humor — the difficulty a working mother faces every day can be humorous but I doubt Ms. Wolfe understands that. 

 In my long life I have almost hated some of our presidents but that hate was directed to their actions and beliefs not to them as a human being.  I voted my beliefs and took the results whether or not I liked it.  I believe that is what our forefathers (and foremothers as women had opinions even if not a public voice in those days and if you look around, we women are getting close to equal rights in this country) wanted.  Remember we women wanted equality — not debasement of those who disagree with us. 
I have to say in closing - about a movement I used to like — NOW where are you?  Would you protect a Republican woman like Sara?  There was a time when I believed that you would — I gave up on that long ago.

Marie Evans