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Attractive, economically sound & viable downtown is critical
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The Manteca Bulletin recently ran a story about a group of people in downtown who want to come up with ideas for improving the area. I wanted to publicly congratulate them for their voluntary efforts and initiative on this matter. Having a viable, attractive, and economically sound downtown helps the entire community.

I have related to you and City officials in the past that Manteca needs to have a vision for downtown that includes its ultimate size, desired businesses, amenities, and how such a vision can and will be implemented over time without more government-imposed taxes, fees and charges. Creating the right vision for the downtown must include suggestions from existing business owners and operators and suggestions from the people who live in Manteca. What is it that we all want to see in a downtown, and how can we help to make our vision a reality?

It is important as well that City government and the community identify significant historical structures and encourage where feasible the restoration of these structures, buildings and homes so that Manteca maintains its charm and does not become just another suburban town on the map.

Creating a realistic vision for downtown and its future with services desired by the community and preserving our history will benefit us all.

David Jinkens


March 5, 2012