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Baca calls letter writers hypocrites
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Hypocrisy and denial are common ground for most of the GOP but this new Trump Era we are now in has taken all of that to new highs. Case in point, (“And Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet.”) the letters Jan. 5 by Peter Vadasz and (“Wishes Baca would tone down the insults”) Jan. 5 by Amy Sullivan.
In the first letter Mr. Vadasz brags about how Trump saved 800 jobs with Carrier then ups that count to ”thousands” with the Ford plant in Mexico. Of course he omits the fact that Ford has already said the Mexico move was planned well before Trump even won the election. Mr. Vadasz also doesn’t add how Carrier will still expand its Mexico operations in the same building it has already built for those 800 jobs in Indianapolis. Plus he doesn’t mention the fact that Carrier was the recipient of $7 million in tax incentives from the Governor Pence Tax Board to leave those jobs in place. Nor does he mention that Carrier is also moving 1,400 jobs from it’ plant in Huntington, Indiana, or the fact that Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies Corp., who depends on the Pentagon for billions in contracts will now buy themselves a little contract insurance in the form or billions more in government contracts.
That said, Trump would have to multiply those 800 jobs by thousands of times just to keep up with what Obama did with the auto industry. Vadasz probably has conveniently forgotten when we were hemorrhaging 80,000 jobs a week before the Obama Administration reversed all of that. Look it up Peter. Mr. Vadasz states he “Wouldn’t miss the next four years for all the tea in China”, neither would SNL Peter, neither will SNL....
Can you say denial? Sure you can...
In the second letter, Ms. Sullivan takes exception to my personal “Insults”, I assume aimed at Mr. Aquila. Apparently Aquila is incapable of such gross misconduct. Never mind that in a recent letter he said anyone who opposed Trump “Must not be American” and should “Go back to their own country”, calling me the “Hometown Loudmouth”. In another letter Mr. Aquila said “The Devil is a Democrat” and so are “..all Democrats”, calling me the “Hometown Loudmouth”. Those aren’t just personal insults but insults to thousands of Americans.
Can you say hypocrisy? Sure you can.
Ms. Sullivan often touts herself as an “educator” yet one time called for my being banned from the newspaper forever. Apparently our “educator” forgot about the 1st. Amendment. Maybe being an “educator” shouldn’t have been her first choice.
Can you say hypocrisy? Sure you can.

Larry Baca