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Baca discredits self, misleads others
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Larry Baca routinely tries to discredit Frank Aquila, president of the South San Joaquin Republicans; but he only discredits himself and misleads others.  Frank sends out newsletters to his organization with links to his letters that support facts of hidden taxes that have been passed along to the consumer.  He also showed how much our taxes will go up once the tax cuts expire.  He has shown us many taxes we pay and how the government spending is wasted.  

Larry Baca then goes on to show statistics about the Republican Party shrinking but offers no proof to such a claim.  I believe Larry Baca should look at Independent Pollster Rasmussen Reports that show 44-47% would vote Republican while 35-38% would vote Democrat if the elections were held today with the others undecided.

Then, Larry Baca also misleads his reading audience who probably did not even bother to read the whole letter knowing he is biased and commonly misleads people.  Baca, an anti police individual wrote about the new immigration law pass in Arizona stating it was a “bill that would give police the power to stop anyone they suspect as being an illegal alien and ask for proof of citizenship.”  Larry, this is a lie against the police and the honest people of Arizona who just passed a law that requires the state to enforce federal law.  The police will not stop anyone just for immigration purposes.  These people have to have a police contact for a law violation first.  I can understand people like Larry Baca not respecting the law and expecting to allow others to break the law.  Breaking the laws, discrediting others and providing false information to confuse people is common with the Democrats of today.
 Robert Blanch
April 29, 2010