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Baca: Five facts to counter Aquilas arguments
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Seems I must have struck a nerve, judging from the 4 or 5 letters questioning my replies to other letters from the likes of Scott McComas and Frank Aquila, culminating with the letter “Speaking of hot air & politics” on Jan 10 by Frank Aquila. I say “culminating” with a grain of salt because these guys never stop searching the web for Right Wing tidbits they can use in their letters. I also have to apologize to one letter writer for using a word like “Culminating” after he complained that I used “big words” and used a dictionary. Unlike Trump who boasts that he has “the most words and the best words” and said he is “like, really smart” and “a very stable genius.” according to the writer, I have to rely on a dictionary.
In the latest Aquila letter, he claims I hate facts. No, I don’t hate facts, I do take issue with his version of facts, that is why I bother to reply to your letters.
I won’t bother to go over every word of Aquila’s rant, here are just a few, to give you a sort of idea of what I am talking about.
1. Aquila claims five countries have gone into bankruptcy because of National Healthcare and National Education. Of the seven countries I found to be “near bankruptcy” Greece was the only one on Aquila’s list and that was not due to National Healthcare or National Education but because of the unemployment situation in that country. Others had various reasons but none of them listed national education or healthcare. 
2. Aquila claims I don’t want a border “fence”. Wrong, there is already a fence. I am against a border wall, a wall that Trump wants to budget over $19 billion just for about 300 miles as the first installment. Remember that was a wall that Mexico would pay for. Esplain that one Lucy. Now imagine how much help it would be to direct that kind of money to Puerto Rico where almost half of the island is still without electricity and clean water. 
3. Aquila asks why I call those who want that giant wall racist, no, I call people racist when they blame and single out Immigrants from Mexico, like McComas has done. I call people racists who call Mexicans “those people” as VP Pence has done. I call Trump racist when he called African countries and Haiti “s***hole” countries. Previously he stated Haitian immigrants all have “AIDs”, adding we will never get rid of African immigrants because once they get a taste of America, they will never go back to their “huts” , asking why we don’t get our immigrants from places like Norway.
4. Aquila claims I support ANTIFA when I simply provided the meaning of ANTIFA. I do not condone violence of any kind — not ANTIFA violence with their store-bought black hoodies nor the KKK with their white home-made hoodies. Aquila might agree there are “good people” in the White Nationalist movement, as Trump has stated but I would beg to differ. Although I know of no ANTIFA members in Manteca, I did witness a KKK member rally with full KKK regalia, on the steps of Manteca City Hall and I have the pictures to prove it.
5. Aquila trumps (no pun intended) the great tax cut I will receive from the Trump Tax Bill recently passed by Republicans and Republicans only. I just did my taxes for last year and thought I would see how I would fare with the new tax bill rules for next year. Seems I will be saving a whopping $33 but will still have to pay based on my income because of the loss of certain tax deductions. Meanwhile, Trump and his family, who claimed he would actually be “hurt” by the bill, will be scoring big time. Trump himself, based on the partial leaked tax return, will save something like $22 million.

Larry Baca