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Baca sources left-wing websites
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I note with interest the frequent letters in the Bulletin written by Larry Baca.  His latest rant asks “when was the last time you saw a dead guy voting?” This was in response to his constant conservative nemesis, also frequently published in the Bulletin, Frank Aquila. 

Please don’t insult our intelligence, Mr. Baca.  The 31 voter fraud incidents you quoted were repeated in several left-wing websites including Daily Kos, Daily Beast, and Media Matters.  That’s apparently the kind of sourcing you use to promote your far left ideology.  It’s important to realize that the statistics presented only deal with in-person voting, the least likely opportunity for voter fraud.  Absentee ballots present much greater opportunity for voter fraud.  

Case in point.  San Pedro resident Jerry Mosna recently noticed two large stacks of 2016 absentee ballots sitting on top of his mailbox, containing 83 separate unused ballots for different people, all addressed to his elderly neighbor’s two bedroom apartment.  Jerry and a neighbor took the ballots to the Los Angeles Police Department who merely referred them back to the Post Office.  They then contacted the Los Angeles County Registrars’ Office for investigation.  Jerry and his neighbor believe they stumbled onto a clear case of voter fraud.  

Of course, Mr. Baca had to opine about how evil and unqualified Donald Trump was to be president while promoting the many virtues of “the most qualified person to ever run for that office,” Hillary Clinton.  Mr. Baca cited those qualifications by stating Hillary “met with, and dealt with the heads of state of over 118 countries, fought for women’s and workers’ rights in every one of those countries -- and whose only sin was having her own email server.”  Those are simply activities Mr. Baca, not accomplishments.  What I recall is Hillary pressing the now infamous reset button with Russia, which has since invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, and become a large military presence in Syria and the entire Middle East.  Hillary’s Clinton Foundation, while she was Secretary of State, received tens of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and other Muslim nations that restrict women’s rights and brainwash their children in Madrassas “schools.”  Hillary also promoted the overthrow of Libyan leader Gaddafi, which led to the chaos and ultimate killings of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans, a terrorist attack that Hillary falsely blamed on a video. 

Mr. Baca ends his liberal rant by stating “Please, get real--.  No Mr. Baca, you are the one who is in denial of reality; only capable of camping on far left websites and spouting  Democrat talking points.  


Bob Teglia