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Baca: The Far Right is Tead off
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After the House passed the Senate version of the Health Reform Bill, the Republican Right, who were ever so positive the Democrats would fall apart and fail to pass this most historic bill, especially after Scott Brown won the Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, came completely unglued, screaming to all who would listen, that they would fight to the end and stop the Reconciliation fix that the House demanded of the Senate in order to pass the Senate version of the Health Reform Bill.

At first the Republicans tried to get some rules changed, then a barrage of amendments they had no interest in passing, so in the end, when it became apparent they had lost, they simply packed up their Gadsden flags and went home. But they didn’t give up on taking advantage of the Tea Baggers rage, they knew there was money to be made and maybe even some votes to gather in November. But they had to act fast, and act fast they did. Not even five minutes after President Obama signed the bill into law, lawsuits were filled and promises were made. Lawsuits that could not win resulted in taxpayer money thrown from the train in the process, and promises that could not be fulfilled without, maybe some divine intervention.

The lawsuits filed by AGs with Republican governors, some up for election, were without legal precedent and stood no chance of winning, but they just might get some votes out of it, however votes weren’t what they were really after, it was money, in the form of donations. This was the intention of Republican senators and congressmen who promised to fight to repeal and replace the Health Reform Bill after the November elections, knowing full well that it was next to impossible to do so. First of all they would need another President who would not veto anything they were able to pass, that is, if they could even get the 60 votes needed just to pass in the Senate. To override the veto, they would need two thirds of the Senate and the House. I guarantee you Vegas wouldn’t cover that bet even if the RNC promised to spend some of that money at their strip clubs, as was recently reported they had done in a Hollywood strip club, something to the tune of 2K or so in donation money. No, divine intervention would be needed, maybe 30 days and 30 nights of rain or maybe some of Moses’ old tricks he used on the Pharaoh Ramses, a plague of locusts maybe.

The Republicans making this promise are well aware of this fruitless attempt but they also know they have the chance to separate some serious money from the people who are desperate for Obama to lose something, anything, and are willing to part with whatever monies are asked of them. As a result, the Republican requests for donations have been flying all over the place.Just the other day in Arizona, John McCain and Sara Palin were pleading for money to fight the un-winnable fight of repeal and replace.

Repeal and replace... Replace with what? Have the Republicans been hiding some secret Health Reform Bill nobody has ever seen or heard of? Is that why, in all the years they had control of the entire government, they didn’t bother to submit any kind of Health Reform Bill? Now all of a sudden, they announce they have a replacement. Really? Amazing revelation, don’t you think?

All this smell of donation money was not lost on Scott Brown, the guy who just recently won the Senate seat in Massachusetts.  You know the guy who ran on the promise to kill the Health Reform Bill? Seems all he did was help install a spine in the Democrats and some fight in Obama. Guess we should all thank him for that. After the Health Reform Bill vote, not only did Scott Brown promise to fight for repeal, he also made up a fictional contender for his seat. Who did he decide would be his opponent for his seat? Rachael Maddow, the liberal newscaster on MSNBC, from The Rachael Maddow Show fame who happens to come from Massachusetts and a flag carrier for the Health Reform Bill, and it might also help that she happens to be an admitted homosexual. What would rile the Tea Party types more than that? Ms. Maddow never announced her candidacy and even took out a full page ad in a Massachusetts paper saying so. Scott Brown ignored the whole thing and his answer to the full page ad,  “Bring her on”.  Senator Brown isn’t interested in votes, how could he be, he just got elected. No, most of his donation flyers went out of state, to mostly Tea Party-heavy areas. The money is already pouring in. You can always count on the Tea Baggers to react in the same manner. I think it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who once said: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds”.
Larry Baca
April 5, 2010