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Bailey, we love you and miss you
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
This is not a story about the current economic state that we are in nor is it about politics. It’s about the immense love and joy that my wife and I have received over the past 14 years due to Bailey.

Labor Day Weekend 1995, I went to Pets and Pals in Lathrop in the hope of finding a dog to adopt. What I eventually found changed my life forever. It was a two-month-old lab mix, black with a little white under the neck. I went there earlier in the day and selected another dog. I took my wife there later in the afternoon and showed her the original dog I had selected, and lo and behold, in the next pen came out this two-month-old mix. We both immediately said that’s the one and we adopted her.

It had been just a year since we had moved back from Ireland and on the way home thought that we should name the dog something “Irish”. What came to mind was Guinness, Ireland, Rain, Whiskey but we decided on Bailey, after the drink. We brought her home, put her in the back yard and went to purchase doggy items. We were only gone 45 minutes and upon our return noticed that Bailey had dug out under the gate and was nowhere to be seen. I was frantic especially after spending $40 at the adoption agency and another $100 for dog stuff. As I went down the street I saw our neighbors playing with her and retrieved our new dog.

Fourteen years is a long time in a dog’s life so I’m going to bypass the negative stories about her throwing up on the carpet after being neutered, the tearing up of 15 out of 17 landscape lights and the pooping in the vets office on our last visit. You see, Bailey was more than just a dog. She was our friend and more importantly she was very, very special to us and everyone that met her.

Bailey had the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face, especially my wife’s. I can’t recall the number of times over the past 14 years that my wife “thanked me” for adopting Bailey. Deep inside I was thanking Bailey for providing us both so much happiness.
Think about it. For those of us that have been fortunate enough to have pets, we come home from a challenging day and our pets greet us with so much love and affection. How’d you like to be able to do that on a daily basis to everyone that you meet? Bailey showed me how to do that and I’m still trying to live up to her expectations. We were so blessed to meet Bailey on Labor Day of 1995.

On Saturday morning, September 26, Bailey passed. This was and still is an extremely difficult time for my wife and I. But we know that Bailey touched a lot of people and she made many friends.

We especially want to thank everyone at Community Pet Clinic; Dr. Lani Chappell, Dr. Anita Zifer, Cindy, Kathy, Kristin and Theresa who, over these many years, provided tremendous support and assistance to Bailey.

Bailey, we love you and miss you.
“Mom & Dad” Sharon & Michael Banton
Sept. 29, 2009