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Barnhardt: How dare you Ben Cantu
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Editor Manteca Bulletin,

Ben Cantu, how dare you make assumptions and accusations regarding the General Plan update process in your Nov. 27 letter to the Editor titled “Diminishing fire service levels”?  

You were appointed as an alternate member to the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) by a City Councilman but you have never attended one of our meetings, either as an alternate committee member or in the audience as a member of the general public.  At the meetings the Alternates have been sitting at the same table as all primary members and have been listened to just as the primary members have.  

How dare you state unequivocally that our discussions have gone totally opposite from the actual direction they have taken?  How would you know? You were not there!  How can you state that the general plan language will continue to have words such as:  “The City shall endeavor …” when the committee has already had multiple major discussions about that exact same wording and have stressed we will not stand for such language in the updates.  You were not there, where are you getting your erroneous information?  Are these irresponsible assumptions on your part, or is someone intentionally trying to derail the General Plan update process by feeding you erroneous information?  If you want accurate information to report on then perhaps you should start attending the meetings.  The next one is scheduled for tonight, Dec. 4. at 6 p.m. at the Transit Center.  The public is always encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.  City Staff even already have a name plate made up with your name on it.


Bill Barnhart,

GPAC Member