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Believes Aquila is one of those Republicans
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It seems one of Manteca’s  apparent Trump supporters admires Trump so much, he seems to parrot everything Trump has to say about Hillary Clinton. (Your views: ‘Why should Hillary go to prison?’) by Frank Aquila on June 9.
 I say “apparent” because, although Mr. Aquila has been beating the Trump drum as loudly and obsessional as possible, he still will not admit he is a Trump supporter. Maybe it is because he is still stinging from the embarrassment of being a Sarah Palin supporter or maybe he is too ashamed or embarrassed to show his apparent allegiance to Trump, and unless you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard anything Trump has said, you will agree his embarrassment is more than justifiably warranted.
In a speech just the other day, Trump asked that very question about Hillary and prison, then cited the very same ridiculous assertions, her Email and Benghazi. Apparently both Trump and Aquila have a special access to all FBI investigations since both claim all the allegations are apparently complete and true and all that is left is for the villagers to light their torches and storm the castle, except for, and this is the main reason given from both Trump and Aquila for her apparent protection from prosecution, President Obama and Loretta Lynch. Never mind that after years and millions of your tax dollars including 12 straight hours of Clinton interrogations, the Congressional Republican led investigation into Benghazi found NOTHING. Plus “News Flash”, in one of the least kept secrets on Capitol Hill, one of the Republican members, Rep. McCarthy admitted the whole thing was all about digging up mud on Hillary Clinton.  The same can be said about the Email non-scandal. The FBI is not done but I am sure this will turn up the same way, with a big fat zero.
The same cannot be said about the Trump University scam but Mr. Aquila was careful not to mention any of that, wasn’t he? It is amazingly disturbing but not surprising that after all the disparaging remarks from Trump, a true demagogue if we ever saw one, about almost every group possible — women, Illegal Aliens, Muslims, the LGBT community, Environmentalists, people with disabilities, short people, Blacks (Calling one of his Black supporters “My little African-American over there”) and even war heroes that were captured — Republican leaders still will back him up. Just yesterday, in response to the Trump attack on the Hispanic heritage of the judge involved in his Trump University scam, Paul Ryan described Trump’s “Mexican” judge rant as the “definition of racist,” but then said he still supports him... amazingly disturbing, but not surprising. I say that because if you have watched the crowds cheering him on after every racist, bigoted rant, it shows how the Republican electorate actually agrees with Trump but has never before been brave enough to admit it, not in public anyway. I believe Aquila is one of those Republicans.
Amazingly disturbing but not surprising....

Larry Baca