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Ben Cantu seems like the real deal
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I had the pleasure of attending Ben Cantu’s campaign kickoff at Chez Shari’s on Jan. 24.
I’ve lived in Manteca for 25 years. I’m very concerned about what’s going on in Manteca. I hear talk from the mayor and council every four years on what needs to be done: Fixing downtown, getting affordable housing, repairing the roads in town that badly need it. I hear the promises from our leaders, but never see any results. Do they even listen to us? When are these things going to be addressed?
I’ve decided to support Ben Cantu for mayor. He seems like the real deal, and actually has solutions to all of these problems. I like his honesty, his thoughtfulness, and the fact he actually tells you what he believes, regardless of who he is talking to. He worked for the City of Manteca for many years and he knows how to get things done to solve all of these problems. Also important to me, we need someone to break up the “good old boys” club and the special interests that control City Hall.
I’m tired of living in a city where issues like downtown, housing, and roads never get fixed because they are not a priority for our leaders, no matter what they tell us every election. I’m tired of the mayor’s and council’s empty promises to make our city better. Ben will shake things up and finally deliver on making Manteca a better place.
In urge you to vote for Ben Cantu for mayor.

Lori Romo