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Bet on the snail in race with public works department
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

What took one and half years to get one street light fixed, another four months to get another street light fixed, took Rex Osborn, “Manteca Community Engagement Manager,” two days to get this simple request for these lights to be replaced in a timely manner. If someone’s life would have depended on a street light, they would have been left out in the dark.

Good job, Rex, keep up the good work. As stated from a previous letter, if the City Public Works Department and a snail ever had a race to get a project done, the “snail” would win.

The city needs to listen to the taxpayers of our fair city when something minor needs attention: get on it, get it done, it is the tax payers paying your salary…earn it! Listen to the people or get another job.

Fred Millner
Sept. 6, 2011